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Verve Energy YouTube Channel


Verve Energy YouTube Channel

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In conclusion, there are 3 main points that have driven our success:

1) The marketing and promotional dollars that were spent on the Verve Energy Partner Channel digital
advertising, marketing, and S.E.O., along with the proper titling, meta-tags and descriptions, yielded
an increase of over 100% in Search Results in the main Search Engine and “organic” Google &
YouTube search traffic categories over the last 6 months versus the first 6 months.
2) Instead of being non-existent in search results, as Verve was initially, the Verve brand now “comes
up in the conversation” across numerous platforms when searches are being conducted on our main
search parameters. This aspect is fueling Verve’s sales by serving as an ongoing source of consistent
warm-market and cold-market lead generation for Vemma’s Brand Partners.
3) Many socially-active Brand Partners have been astute enough to use what we’ve successfully built
and utilize the same videos in their own social presence. This is demonstrated by the fact that the 60+
videos which we optimized are being used effectively in the field, and that is resulting in high
viewership and increased “average minutes viewed per video” in the categories of Mobile Devices
(which had an increase of 434% over the last 6 months versus the first 6 months) and Embedded
Players (which had an increase of 938% over the last 6 months versus the first 6 months).

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  • Date05/09/2012