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Vemma Nutrition Company


Vemma Nutrition Company

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Vemma used the mobile phone numbers they collected during this campaign to advertise and market their new product launch, ReMIX Energy Drink.

  • An estimated total of 12,000 mobile phone numbers were collected (90% through text-in).
  • The most successful Vemma product launch in history at the Vemma “All In” 2014 Vegas Convention.
  • Sold over 200,000 cans in 24 hours equating to approximately $4M in sales.
  • Supercharged their SEO with Google News press release and YouTube videos.
  • Very valuable for: instant communication to Affiliates and internal staff, Brand building, SEO, authority building.

Currently, they use their mobile list to communicate and brand Vemma products to their Affiliates.  Additionally, they now have the capability to send The Insider, Vemma’s monthly newsletter via mobile text.

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  • Date04/08/2014